22 January 2010

Purple Lights, Pointe Shoes and Cupcake Dresses

After the Gala last year, I knew that I wouldn't miss another kick-off of the SF Ballet season.  While I'm normally a low-maintenance type of girl, there's something about this environment that turns me into a total priss.  Put me in a gown with a train, add a spectacular updo (by Lindsay at Acme) and the next thing you know, I turn into a princess.  The "hold your train and wait in the car for the dude to open your door" type.  Hopefully Dan & Andrew - cause the lady needs two escorts - didn't mind too much.

The program was beautiful.  Last year, the program consisted of 3 distinct pieces with a theme that was beautifully conveyed through the music and choreography.  It included the entire range - from the company to the soloists - without breaking the continuity of the pieces.  The downside of this is if you're not into the theme, but when it's great it's *great*  Last year, I heard/saw "Within the Golden Hour" and I started crying within the first section of the piece.  It was like the moment I first heard Max Richter, such surreal beauty that you think you could die with fulfillment.

I've gone to quite a few ballets since that night (and before) and I will say that the way the SF Ballet chose to organize this year's program catered to the short attention span of the SF startupper.  While you're not commitment to a piece that wasn't quite doing it, you also miss the chance to fall in love with the stuff that's really working.  There were 6 pieces that really stood out last night, bu it's not as clear because there wasn't enough time for me to get attached to each section.

I am so proud SF Ballet community!  If you haven't yet seen them perform, get a taste on YouTube and come out for the season.  It's magical.  If you don't have time, you can also check out amazing photos like the one above, taken by a rising star in the company and stunning photographer, Quinn Wharton.

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