10 September 2008

port ordford cedar

when i got out of a meeting today there was a package waiting for me on my desk. convinced that i had forgotten an online order, i brushed it off and returned to a meeting.

when curiosity got the best of me, i began to peel through the paper to the box. the scent seeped through and i began to detect the humble beginnings of a masterpiece. when i peeled the tape away, curled wood chips exploded from the box and euphoria shot through my nostrils.

i was instantly in nagoya, right after a run from my house to the train station. i was out of breath, hands on my hips and head down, walking it out. mrs. price- my middle school running coach- had always lectured, "breathe through your nose" and for once i was grateful for cross country. i had never seen a saw mill before, much less one inside a big city, much less one that slices planks of wood that smelled aromatic. i come from a place of oak trees and spanish moss, so i welcomed this new scent: a light, beautiful smell that makes you think of blonde children running through fresh meadows with kites. it makes factories with rusting saws and broken trucks seem like sanctuaries.

the box i opened that day was a gift from a guy i met, while sitting on a curb smoking a cigarette. he was an eccentric furniture maker, obsessed with his craft and the integrity of his medium. he told me about the sensation of carving a living thing into functional art, ambled through ranges of the texture and scents of various wood. what he sent me in that box was not just a block of port ordford cedar, but proof in the magical ability of scent to conjure up memory.

05 September 2008


oh the js and their robots! today uniqlo introduced wakamaru, your tiny, happy shopping friend that makes the racks at uniqlo even more apealing. yes, the js have coupled their favorite hobbies: shopping and robots in the most symbiotic relationship of all time. what wakamaru actually does to help you shop, i'm not quite sure. he's said to be able to make eye contact and help you shop using simple phrases, but until he starts holding my shit and saying, "nah, girl. that makes your ass look big," i'm gonna stick with fashion diva, roberto sosa as my guru. sumimasen wakamaru-san! gomenasai.